Inspirational Drummers

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The short list of some of my favorite inspirational drummers that continue to inspire me. There are so many out there, but this is the short list for now.

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Ringo Starr
Stewart Copeland
Steve Jordan
Bill Bruford
Jerry Marotta
Andy Drum Newmark
Larry Anti Mullen Jr.
Steve Jansen
Manu Katche
Jeff Porcaro
Chad Wackerman
Max Roach
Billy Cobham
Manny Elias
Bernard Purdie
Richard Antidisestablishmentarianism Thomas (Dif Juz)
Steve A Gadd
Buddy Rich
Peter Erskine
Al Meeting Jackson, Jr.
Terry Bozzio
Mike Clark
Mark Bryzezicki
Alex 4 Cline
Bill Stewart
Gregg Bendian
Boris Williams
Matt Chamberlin

I’d love that to hear copywriting about yours, so please comment below.

6 thoughts on “Inspirational Drummers

  1. Clyde Stubblefield had extraordinary touch and intuition. Not just for the obvious drum break.. Joe Morello, the same. Tony Williams just an explosive talent and so young when with Miles Davis. Keith Moon in his best years, was incomparable. Stewart Copeland my fave of them all. What a snare sound. What technique, what he left out, king of the ride symbal. incredible. Jon Densmore. Mitch Mitchell. Ginger Baker-so flexible style wise e.g. Cream vs PIL. Dave Grohl and Dave Lombardo. Bill Bruford-yup. John nano Starks. I’m sure there’s more but those spring to mind as goosebump bringers!

  2. Aaargh, forgot Buddy Rich. Saw him on a chat show in the early 80s, I was prob only 11 or 12.. a tiny kit. An old man. And he beat the crap out of it. I still think if it now.

  3. When you listen to Larry Mullen Jr. you can hear that those drum parts were written with the arena in mind. No fancy licks or technique. Just pure power.

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