On a quiet August afternoon, I was once an ambient music DJ. A group of massage therapists (and I as the aural relaxer) took part in a “massage-a-thon” to help raise funds for our friend Lyena Strelkoff. She had become paralyzed after a hiking accident, and the proceeds we raised went to help pay for her enormous medical bills.

I brought in a sound system, a turntable, cd player, and a pile of vinyl albums and cds and got to spin some of my favorite ambient music. I made a list as I went along.

First Light – Harold Budd/Brian Eno
Through The Blue – Roger Eno
SIde 1 Track 1 – Igor Len
Balthus Bemused by Colour – Harold Budd
Madrigals Of The Rose Ange – Harold Budd
An Ending (Ascent) – Brian Eno
Night Again – Steve Tibbets
Asylum – Daniel Lanois
The Elephant and the Orchid – Jon Hassell
1/1 – Brian Eno
Quiet And Alone – Peter Gabriel
Ocean Motion – Michael Brook
Through The Hill – Harold Budd/Andy Partridge
Sansui – Stomu Yamashta
Thais – This Mortal Coil
Deep Blue Day – Brian Eno
The Experience of Swimming – Japan
Not Yet Remembered – Harold Budd/Brian Eno
Prayer – The Durutti Column
Yodel 3 – Arcane
Experiment in Fifth – The Durutti Column
1/2 – Brian Eno
Side 1 Track 2 – Igor Len
Tension Block – Daniel Lanois
Slow Water – Peter Gabriel
Omni – Daniel Lanois
Experiences #1 – John Cage
Erratta – Divination
Dunwich Beach, Autumn, 1960 – Brian Eno
White Mustang – Daniel Lanois/Brian Eno
Side A from Ultra White Violet Light – Charles Curtis
The Lost Day – Brian Eno
Distant Village – Michael Brook
Juno – Harold Budd
An Arc Of Doves – Harold Budd/Brian Eno
Track 2 Side 2 – Igor Len
1/1 – Brian Eno
Slow Marimbas – Peter Gabriel
Secret Place – Daniel Lanois
Experiment in Fifth – The Durutti Column
Jimmy Was – Daniel Lanois
Broken Chords Can Sing A Little – A Silver Mt. Zion
Yodel 3 – Arcane
Hybrid – Michael Brook
Thursday Afternoon – Brian Eno
Final Sunset – Brian Eno
Stars – Brian Eno
Little Dream in Turquise – Erik Wøllo
Agrippa – Divination
Evening Tango – Roger Eno
The Gunfighter – Harold Budd
Water Dance – Stomu Yamashta
Deep Blue Day – Brian Eno
Miracle Steps – Jon Hassell
Not Yet Remembered – Harold Budd/Brian Eno
Side 1 Track 2 – Igor Len
Lizard Point – Brian Eno
Under Lock & Key – Peter Gabriel
A Place In The Wilderness – Roger Eno
Prelude & Yodel – The Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Theme From Creation – Brian Eno
Aragon – Brian Eno
Jimmy Was – Daniel Lanois
Sansui – Stomu Yamashta
2/1 – Brian Eno
The Experience of Swimming – Japan
Tension Block – Daniel Lanois
Err – Michael Brook


Every time I hear the name Harold Budd, my mind starts playing the dreamy Major 7 themed song “The Plateaux Of Mirror” that he wrote and recorded with Brian Eno. That album (with the same name) remains an all time favorite. He sometimes gets lumped into the ‘new age’ category, but if pressed to use a category, I would suggest using ‘ambient’ or ‘landscape’ music.

Here’s a recent interview with Harold Budd where he claims “I’m So Minimal, I’m Not Even Minimalist!“:

harold budd


I had great fun reworking Radiohead’s single “Nude” a few years back. It was part of the Radiohead remix site back when “In Rainbows” was released.

I took it to a darker, more spacey world. I put together this video for it from some found early 1900s industrial footage

Vintage Images from 1904 courtesy of http://open-video.org/

Many thanks to Radiohead http://www.radiohead.com