Drum Lessons in Los Angeles

If you live near Los Angeles, and are interested in taking drum lessons, contact me. I enjoy teaching and sharing the art of drumming.

I focus my teachings upon the whole drum set.  Lessons are crafted to each student uniquely, as every drummer is on their own path of goals and needs. I believe that developing control, building confidence, and staying inspired are essential to improving one’s art. Here are some of the skills that I work on with students:

  • Sticking Patterns
  • Coordination Patterns
  • Playing & Creating Solid Grooves
  • Hand & Feet Technique
  • Rudiments
  • Snare Drum Reading
  • Drum Set Reading
  • Chart Reading & Interpretation
  • Studio Drumming
  • Transcribing

Here is a quote from my drumming mentor and friend Roy Burns


“Jon Mattox was one of the best students that I have had. When I stopped teaching, due to the demands of my business, I recommended Jon to my students. I’ve always felt that you had to be a great student to become a great teacher. Jon has proved this to be true. He is a fine player and musician who also happens to be a great teacher”

Roy Burns 
(Benny Goodman, Woody Herman, Lionel Hampton)

Below are some kind words by a few of my past students,

  “Studying with Jon was one of the biggest decisions I ever made, and considering it was made at an age when decisions come without much thought, I feel extremely lucky rather than smart. I accidentally got, what I would come to realize, was one of the greatest drummers, and most natural and talented teachers I would ever encounter. Jon shaped my playing and the way I think about drums in such a profound way, and drums play such a profound role in my life, that I credit him with shaping me as a person as much as a drummer.”
– Jason Boesel
(Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley)

  “I would not be where I am today as a drummer, musician, and all around nice guy without the profound teachings of Jon Mattox. He taught me many things about music, professionalism on the gig, and how to be confident in my abilities. I can’t thank him enough.”
– Chad Patchen
(Primitive Painters, Echo Love Chamber)

“Jon’s methodology to teaching drums is motivational, encouraging and creative, and he inspires the drum student to think independently in terms of creation, application and stylistic originality. His strict and organized attention to detail and technique holds all the building blocks together to empower the drum student to build some really interesting drum grooves. Build a strong foundation on the snare, and then expand to the whole kit.
As a guitar player, Jon’s approach to drumming has improved my phrasing and rhythmic application to my guitar riffs, and I’m coming up with some really interesting odd-time stuff. Take lessons from Jon if you want to become a better musician all around.”
– Andrei B. Cabanban 

“Jon Mattox is an incredible teacher, instructor and mentor. Jon can help you achieve your goals because he has a knack for teaching and understanding a student’s strengths and weaknesses. He has studied under incredible drummers and has come away with his own philosophy to teaching. He is an amazing, talented musician who can actually teach. Not many amazing musicians can teach well and Jon has all the qualities one looks for in a teacher. Jon helped me with sight reading music and gave me the confidence I needed to take my drumming to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or pro. Jon will improve your drumming…that is a 100% guarantee! Thanks Jon!”
– Tony DeFranco

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