I’m a regular listener to the Composer on Fire podcast, and was absolutely thrilled to be interviewed on the show. We had a great chat and discussed a variety of music business concerns that should be of interest to composers wanting to get into the world of music licensing. Some of the topics discussed are:

Solving music supervisors problems
Losing your Ego
Having a studio
Mixing & Engineering
Music Licensing
Finding a licensing company
Registering a publishing company with a PRO

Listen to the podcast here, or search for the Composer On Fire podcast on your regular podcast apps.


From the forthcoming album of instrumentals, “Come See The View” is a pulsating piece of melodic ambient music. The music animation is inspired by the great Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, and is, in a word, abstract. Stream it in 4K for full resolution, and mind bending effects.

The song is simple in form, but the production is layered with complex musical textures and treatments. The visuals are pulsating along with the music, and are in fact are being modulated by the music itself. Everything is centered around a relentless quarter note pulse which is driving both the music and animation.

The animation was created with ArtMatic, an inspiring graphics synthesizer created by the fine people at U&I Software.  Here are a couple screenshots from the video:







Here’s a short little music/video sketch. I’m toying with the idea of putting out an album of of dare I say ambient type music, built upon these ideas. In a way, putting these bits up actually motivates me to finish them, and not just have an ever expanding collection of unfinished works.

I also truly enjoy sketching/experimenting with video too.


T-Rex Takes A Nap is a 52 second film that my son and I put together. T-Rex has had way too much bad behavior, has not been listening, and has not been following the rules. So It’s time for T-Rex to take a nap. When pinecone bombs dropped by Toothless fail, army men shooting sleep bullets are the only way to take him down.

From the mind of my 7 year old son.

Shot on an iPhone 5, processed with the 8mm app, and assembled in Screenflow. Scary intense music by yours truly.



Inspired by this silent video that coyote_fur posted on Instagram, I immediately heard a glimpse of what kind of musical climate might accompany such a strange and alien world.

This was a quick little composing sketch utilizing sounds from my hand made sample libraries rigged up in Kontakt, and some customized Chromophone patches. There’s a good amount of low end to this track, so kick on the good stereo or sub-woofers…

Thanks to Mr. Taylor for letting me use his Instagram video.


Emil Richard's Stone Marimba

Bang a gong drum? Play Emil Richard’s one-of-kind Stone Marimba? Have your music performed by fantastic Los Angeles percussionists? Count me in.

It was called the Experimental Composer/Percussion Workshop hosted by L.A. Percussion Rentals which highlighted some of the unique tuned percussion instruments that they have there, including some from Emil Richard’s personal collection. The invited composers brought in music and the percussionists Abby Savell, Robert Slack, and Dan Savell did the sight reading and performing. The ‘experimental’ part was that they switched up the instruments they played, creating new combinations of timbre and sound. The instruments included a glass marimba, tuned woodblocks, tenor steel pan, tuned cowbells, boo bams, a bass marimba, and my favorite, Emil Richard’s stone marimba.

It was great to hear real human beings playing some of my music, and I also got to meet some talented composers and arrangers and hear their music too. Here’s a shot of Dan Savell and Robert Slack among the mountains of percussion:


Having the percussion bug that I have, I was in awe of all the instruments, and could easily spend weeks in there. There was one hang drum in the place, so I managed to play a bit of it and posted a short video.

By far one of the most impressive instruments they have is a 60″ tunable gong drum by Remo that generates instant earthquakes:



A group shot from the night (Christian Davis, Abby Savell, Edward Trybek, Caleb Blood, Craig Marks, Dan Savell, Jon Mattox, Christopher Farrell and Robert Slack)


visit L.A. Percussion Rentals


Television spot #2 for the Disney movie Tangled.  My  track “Somebody Pinch Me” was featured. I’ll never forget my son running through our house yelling “It’s you daddy, it’s you!” when he saw the commercial and heard the song.  He was watching a DVR’d episode of Star Wars The Clone Wars and then the Tangled commercial played. That was a great moment.