iphone_mixingMixing music is an art, and there are countless ideas and approaches on how to do it. One thing I’ve found helpful is to record snippets of the work on a phone, or any other device that over-compresses the sound. It helps gauge what an ultra compressed version of the music sounds like, and because a lot of music is listened to on a phone or other inferior devices, it’s good to check.

The other thing that is interesting is that the over-compressed nature of the sound can sometimes draw out harmonic elements of the music in an exaggerated way which can suggest new ideas, harmonies, and melodies.

Since I post snippets of work on Instagram often, I can get immediate feedback on what things are sounding like (in a mega-compressed world).

Here’s the original Instagram post with a work in progress that inspired this post. Check the IG comments for other ideas on checking mixes.

Anyone use a mobile phone’s over compressed audio recording feature to help gauge mixes, timbre blends, and balances? Like, the bass drum is dominating here lol.

Found some 2006 footage of a NI Vokator ‘drums processed by vocoder’ experiment. Tonight re-assigned midi to Waves Morphoder and this was the result. Groove is 11/8 or 4/4 + 3/8. I wish they would bring back Vokator.

In layman’s terms, these are some pretty weird sounding drums.


While setting up for a drumming session, and a bit under the weather from allergies, this rhythm appeared. It felt odd (as in odd time) while playing it, but, it turns out it is a syncopated 2 bar pattern in 4/4 time.

The video starts on the ‘one’ and the snare beats land on “2”, “4+” (first measure), and “3” (of the second bar).  Then the next day, I started hearing the snares on “1+”, “4”, and “2+”. However it is felt, it really is a 4/4 pattern. My composer friend Eric Goetz hears the fist snare on “1”. Perhaps you can decide where the “one” is.

This rhythm is currently under investigation, and I’ll post some final thoughts in the future. For some reason, I keep thinking that Jon Hassell, had some unconscious influence on this.





Inspired by this silent video that coyote_fur posted on Instagram, I immediately heard a glimpse of what kind of musical climate might accompany such a strange and alien world.

This was a quick little composing sketch utilizing sounds from my hand made sample libraries rigged up in Kontakt, and some customized Chromophone patches. There’s a good amount of low end to this track, so kick on the good stereo or sub-woofers…

Thanks to Mr. Taylor for letting me use his Instagram video.