Syncopated Drumming Rhythm Instagram Video

While setting up for a drumming session, and a bit under the weather from allergies, this rhythm appeared. It felt odd (as in odd time) while playing it, but, it turns out it is a syncopated 2 bar pattern in 4/4 time.

The video starts on the ‘one’ and the snare beats land on “2”, “4+” (first measure), and “3” (of the second bar). ┬áThen the next day, I started hearing the snares on “1+”, “4”, and “2+”. However it is felt, it really is a 4/4 pattern. My composer friend Eric Goetz hears the fist snare on “1”. Perhaps you can decide where the “one” is.

This rhythm is currently under investigation, and I’ll post some final thoughts in the future. For some reason, I keep thinking that Jon Hassell, had some unconscious influence on this.



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