Ello: A look inside.

Ello, the new social media web site is here. It’s currently in beta, and still taking shape, but it is a welcomed new face to the world of social media.

Take the @ usernames and quirky self descriptions of Twitter, the unlimited character length status updates of Facebook and Tumblr, add the art/design images of Instagram, and throw it all under the hood of a simplified user interface, and in a nutshell, you have Ello. No ads, no pokes, no game invites, and so far I haven’t seen any pictures of cats.

After a few hours on the inside, I found some friends, and plenty of interesting new ones. I love the simplicity of the layout. This is how the people you follow are displayed (divided into friends vs. noise sections):


The Ello news feed:


User profiles/status updates are displayed in the same fashion:


The community of Ello is inspired and engaged, and the developers are participating in conversations too. They welcome input, ideas, and opinions from users, and it’s interesting to see the site grow up in real time. Speaking of community, joining Ello is by invitation only, but when you get an invite code, go to ello.co/join . You can find me at https://ello.co/jonmattox

I’m liking getting away with Ello. Away from game invitations, political rants, drama, complainers, celebrities, eager sellers, corporations, advertisers, trolls, and retweeters.

Read the Ello manifesto: https://ello.co/manifesto and investigate the world of Ello more in depth:





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