Saddened to hear the shocking news that Chuck Silverman passed away. He was a passionate and spirited teacher who inspired drummers all over the world.

I have fond memories of taking private lessons with him in my formative years, learning about Afro Cuban rhythms, Brazilian grooves, and the drummers of James Brown. Chuck was an expert at all, and managed to weave those styles together in his lessons, and inspire his students. He was funny, sarcastic, but most importantly, determined that we got those Afro Cuban rhythms right. Breaking up mambo rhythms to 4 limbs on the drums was no easy task, and he always made it look so easy.

Chuck loved teaching, and was always inspired with new ideas, patterns, and ways of incorporating world music grooves into the drum set. He would lend out his rare vinyl albums for his students to study, and would make mix tapes of world music that, at the time, were difficult to find.

It would be hard to measure his influence on the drumming community, but I’m sure it is greater than he imagined. So many of his students went on to become professional drummers touring the world, recording albums, and becoming teachers themselves, always having some of Chuck’s influence with them.

At this time there is no reported cause of his death, so if anyone hears of anything please let me know. He was taken way too soon. R.I.P. Chuck.


┬áThe Musicians Foundation’s page on Chuck’s passing

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The short list of some of my favorite inspirational drummers that continue to inspire me. There are so many out there, but this is the short list for now.

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Ringo Starr
Stewart Copeland
Steve Jordan
Bill Bruford
Jerry Marotta
Andy Drum Newmark
Larry Anti Mullen Jr.
Steve Jansen
Manu Katche
Jeff Porcaro
Chad Wackerman
Max Roach
Billy Cobham
Manny Elias
Bernard Purdie
Richard Antidisestablishmentarianism Thomas (Dif Juz)
Steve A Gadd
Buddy Rich
Peter Erskine
Al Meeting Jackson, Jr.
Terry Bozzio
Mike Clark
Mark Bryzezicki
Alex 4 Cline
Bill Stewart
Gregg Bendian
Boris Williams
Matt Chamberlin

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