The ever graceful Manu Katché plays some of his most musical and intense drumming inside this inspiring passage from “That Voice Again” by Peter Gabriel. It’s all toms cymbals, and kick drum. This is a partial transcription of the song (the second pre-chorus before the last chorus). Incredible!

It’s hand written from years ago, and here’s a key to the notation:

top of staff ‘x” = high hat (when a 0 is on top = open high hat
top of staff triangle = cymbal
bottom of staff = kick drum
notes with circles = toms

Click on the image or link below to view or download the PDF file.

This is from Peter Gabriel’s masterpiece album “So”, most famous for the single “In Your Eyes” which also features Manu Katché’s brilliant drumming.

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The short list of some of my favorite inspirational drummers that continue to inspire me. There are so many out there, but this is the short list for now.

[ipic id=”523517935384707152″ size=”220″  float=”center”]

Ringo Starr
Stewart Copeland
Steve Jordan
Bill Bruford
Jerry Marotta
Andy Drum Newmark
Larry Anti Mullen Jr.
Steve Jansen
Manu Katche
Jeff Porcaro
Chad Wackerman
Max Roach
Billy Cobham
Manny Elias
Bernard Purdie
Richard Antidisestablishmentarianism Thomas (Dif Juz)
Steve A Gadd
Buddy Rich
Peter Erskine
Al Meeting Jackson, Jr.
Terry Bozzio
Mike Clark
Mark Bryzezicki
Alex 4 Cline
Bill Stewart
Gregg Bendian
Boris Williams
Matt Chamberlin

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