Manu Katché: “That Voice Again” drum transcription

The ever graceful Manu Katché plays some of his most musical and intense drumming inside this inspiring passage from “That Voice Again” by Peter Gabriel. It’s all toms cymbals, and kick drum. This is a partial transcription of the song (the second pre-chorus before the last chorus). Incredible!

It’s hand written from years ago, and here’s a key to the notation:

top of staff ‘x” = high hat (when a 0 is on top = open high hat
top of staff triangle = cymbal
bottom of staff = kick drum
notes with circles = toms

Click on the image or link below to view or download the PDF file.

This is from Peter Gabriel’s masterpiece album “So”, most famous for the single “In Your Eyes” which also features Manu Katché’s brilliant drumming.

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