Music Production: “Respect The Snare”


Brian Eno once said “Every note obscures another”.

I was reminded of this the other day while working on a song with an artist in the recording studio. We were layering some rhythmic beds on a track which were initially sounding great. Then I noticed that the main drum groove suddenly felt lopsided, and something had gone wrong with the snare. Not good.

We realized that some of those new percussive notes were sounding at the same time as the snare drum. The result was that the snare lost all of its punch and was sounding weak.

It was a simple fix, as I simply edited out the notes that were landing on and choking the snare. Viola! The groove was back, and the smiles on our faces returned.

The phrase “Respect The Snare” came to mind, so I wrote it down and preserved it on Instagram:



One thought on “Music Production: “Respect The Snare”

  1. Review by for Rating: I am in band and when i used this it sounded beettr than anyone elses drum. It is pretty decent to tune and I cant find anything wrong with it. It also comes with a drum key and a pair of Vic Firth drum sticks.

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