Narada Michael Walden “Led Boots” Drum Transcription (Intro)

From Jeff Beck’s “WIRED” album

This is the insane drum intro to LED BOOTS which should need no introduction. This is old school-in-your-face fusion drumming (in the vein of Mahavishnu Orchestra and Return To Forever). It’s intense, loose, and he just SLAMS those open high hats. Listen to it loud.

It’s hand written from years ago, and here’s a key to the notation:

notes on the bottom of staff = kick drum
notes on the middle of staff = snare
notes with circles on other lines = toms
top of staff ‘x” = high hat (when a 0 is on top = slamming open high hat
top of staff triangle = cymbal

Click on the image or link below to view/download the .pdf file



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