JZ Microphones DMK1 Review

It’s no secret that I think JZ Microphones are some of the best around. My affinity for their mics started with a review of their DMK1 drum micing system that I did for recordinghacks.com. I asked my friend and colleague, Matt Forger (Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones) to lend a hand (and ears) to test out these unique sounding and looking microphones.

We did some mic shootouts with other microphones (Neumann KM 140, AKG C451C, AKG C460B, and Studio Projects C1) and were surprised and pleased with the results. I was so impressed that I had to buy them.  Besides sounding great, they have a distinguishing look all their own, and clients in the studio ask about them often.



Over the years I’ve used them on a variety of sources, and they sound especially great on acoustic guitars, horns, classical harp, and low end percussion (cajon, djembe, congas, etc…). Lately, they have become my tom mic of choice.

Read the full DMK1 review with sound clips at http://recordinghacks.com/2011/01/13/jz-dmk1-review/


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