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Cajon improvisation with 3 JZ BT-201 microphones

It’s no secret that I love JZ microphones from Latvia. When I first received the trio of BT-201 microphones, a did all kinds of tests and shootouts. Here’s a short little video featuring a Meinl cajon recorded with 3 BT-201s. The mics capture the woody-ness of the instrument along with […]

An excerpt from a recording session I did for composer/arranger John Sawoski. 8:15am is never to early to rock out. These are raw tracks (no plugins on the individual channels),  with just a little love from the Vertigo VSC-2 Compressor by Brainworx on the master bus in Pro Tools. All […]

From Jeff Beck’s “WIRED” album This is the insane drum intro to LED BOOTS which should need no introduction. This is old school-in-your-face fusion drumming (in the vein of Mahavishnu Orchestra and Return To Forever). It’s intense, loose, and he just SLAMS those open high hats. Listen to it loud. […]

Another handwritten drum transcription from the archives. “D.I.Y” is a from Peter Gabriel’s second solo album. The song flows freely between lots of odd meters, but never in a staggering way. Jerry Marotta’s groove is rock solid, and he deceptively keeps a steady quarter note pulse throughout. Like some Beatles […]

Practice What You Play, Don’t Play What You Practice

  Some musicians (oftentimes the younger ones) tend to work what they practice  at home into the gig. Developing technique is an essential part of becoming a musician, but that technique can often times get in the way of playing music. When you play music, a bandmate or music director […]