Some musicians (oftentimes the younger ones) tend to work what they practice  at home into the gig. Developing technique is an essential part of becoming a musician, but that technique can often times get in the way of playing music.

When you play music, a bandmate or music director may point out places where you are dragging, rushing, playing too many notes, not being dynamic enough etc… and the ego can get defensive and fight these comments which are usually perceived as criticisms. Why not take these comments to heart, go over your performance material, and see if there is any truth to what they are saying.

I say practice what you play, don’t play what you practice.


You may not think about carrying a whole extra snare to a gig, but what if you broke a lug casing on the snare? This happened to me once, and I must have hit the ultimate rim shot or something. Replacing a broken head is one thing (always carry extra heads as well), but if you crack a lug casing, you’re pretty much screwed.

So avoid any further drummer jokes, and make it habit to carry around two snare drums. Consider it insurance. Plus, you can do the Steve Jordan thing and switch snares during a set.