Jerry Marotta: D.I.Y. Peter Gabriel Drum Transcription

Another handwritten drum transcription from the archives.

“D.I.Y” is a from Peter Gabriel’s second solo album. The song flows freely between lots of odd meters, but never in a staggering way. Jerry Marotta’s groove is rock solid, and he deceptively keeps a steady quarter note pulse throughout. Like some Beatles songs, you’re not even aware that the meters are shifting because of how smooth it’s played, and that aforementioned quarter note pulse.

If you want to work on changing odd time signatures with a great music track, I highly recommend this one. Jerry Marotta is one of the greats.

It’s hand written from years ago, and here’s a key to the notation:

notes on the bottom of staff = kick drum
notes on the middle of staff = snare
notes with on other lines = toms
top of staff ‘x” = high hat (when a 0 is on top = open high hat
top of staff “x” with circle around it = ride cymbal
top of staff triangle = cymbal

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