Studio Drumming for the score of Little Paradise

Here’s a soundcloud playlist featuring music from the film “Little Paradise” composed by my friend Douglas Pipes. I recorded some studio drumming and percussion for the soundtrack, and it was good fun recording with him. I of course love film music.

Douglas wanted a groovy live acoustic drum sound for the cues, and we talked a lot about capturing room sounds, making things sound natural, and dare I say the word…. jazzy.

The majority of the work was with an open sounding acoustic drum set played with brushes and some cymbal swells with mallets, On some of the cues I added some sparse percussion (tambourines, shakers, caxixi, and hand drums) which added some extra energy and aural flavors to the music. Good times!

 [ipic id=”577643197822845559″]  [ipic id=”586980055748887355″]  [ipic id=”590800877169066777″]


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