Jenkins-Martin Drum Test

These Jenkins-Martin drums sound and look fantastic! I’ve been looking for a kit that can be tuned wide and open for a big full sound, like a modern day Motown/classic jazz roomy kind of way.


This was literally the first day checking them out and playing along with some music i’m developing. Recorded with four mics (kick, overhead, stereo rooms) with no outboard processing, or plug-ins. Just the pure sound of the drums in the room.

20″ X 15″ Kick
14″ X 5″ Snare
12″ X 7.5″ Tom
14″ X 14″ Tom


Shure Beta 52 on kick
JZ Microphones Vintage 11 on overhead/close mic
Roswell Mini K47s on stereo room mics

Thanks to Jenkins-Martin Drum Company / Blaemirefor the opportunity. I’ll be posting more videos soon.

Great drums!

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