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https://soundcloud.com/behindthekit/episode-46-jon-mattox Behind The Kit is great podcast talking with professional drummers about their journeys in music. I was thrilled to be a guest, and we discussed lots of topics related to drumming, composing, recording, technology, and the business of music. Visit the Behind The Kit Podcast site for more interviews and […]

Vocoder Drumming Instagram Video

Found some 2006 footage of a NI Vokator 'drums processed by vocoder' experiment. Tonight re-assigned midi to Waves Morphoder and this was the result. Groove is 11/8 or 4/4 + 3/8. I wish they would bring back Vokator. A post shared by Jon Mattox (@jonmattox) on Nov 2, 2014 at […]

  The dark humorous clip above is from the movie Whiplash featuring Miles Teller. He’s a drummer getting hammered by a band leader about tempo, that elusive skill that musicians (especially drummers) strive to perfect and control. Time is everything for a drummer and it can be difficult to control in stressful situations […]

  Hand technique is like anything else. Use it or lose it. Before jumping into composing or recording, most mornings I’ll run through some sticking exercises, rudimental drumming, coordination patterns, and sight reading to keep in shape. The above video features improvised flams and flam taps, and few other rudimentary […]