Paul Humphrey “Black Cow” Drum Transcription


“Black Cow” is the opening track of Steely Dan’s classic album “AJA”, and is one of my favorite recorded drum performances. The feel, space, and elegance that Paul Humphrey plays with is unparalleled. The groove is wide and spacious giving the rest of the rest of the instruments and voices plenty of room to fit in and be heard. Inspiring!Watch Cyberbully (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

From the hand written transcription archives

Notation key:

notes on the bottom of staff = kick drum
notes under bottom of staff ‘x’ = high hat with left foot
notes on the middle of staff = snare
circled notes on other lines = toms
top of staff ‘x” = high hat (when a 0 is on top = open)
top of staff ‘x’ with circle around it is ride cymbal
top of staff triangle = crash cymbal

Right click on the images below to view/save the pdf files.

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