I’m a regular listener to the Composer on Fire podcast, and was absolutely thrilled to be interviewed on the show. We had a great chat and discussed a variety of music business concerns that should be of interest to composers wanting to get into the world of music licensing. Some of the topics discussed are:

Solving music supervisors problems
Losing your Ego
Having a studio
Mixing & Engineering
Music Licensing
Finding a licensing company
Registering a publishing company with a PRO

Listen to the podcast here, or search for the Composer On Fire podcast on your regular podcast apps.

Every time I hear the name Harold Budd, my mind starts playing the dreamy Major 7 themed song “The Plateaux Of Mirror” that he wrote and recorded with Brian Eno. That album (with the same name) remains an all time favorite. He sometimes gets lumped into the ‘new age’ category, but if pressed to use a category, I would suggest using ‘ambient’ or ‘landscape’ music.

Here’s a recent interview with Harold Budd where he claims “I’m So Minimal, I’m Not Even Minimalist!“:

harold budd